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Coyote Popup

The Coyote Popup display system combines strength, reliability and style. It features several unique advantages over other simialr display systems- It's light weight and simple to use. Unlike complicated "snap in" channel bar and delicate locking/locating systems, the Coyote uses state of the art "Rare Earth Neo Magnets" on both its channel bars and locking/location systems. These make it very quick and simple to erect and take down, with practically no "easy to break" parts. Full display systems are offered in a wide choice of configurations from basic tabletop kits to full 20' long displays. All Coyote's are offered as curved or straight systems, single or double sided and can be combined with either breath taking, virtually seamless graphic mural panels or versatile "Velcro friendly" fabric panels.

Available in many sizes.

Size Footprint
3x3 full height standard 87.56"H x 97.25"W x 25"D
4x3 full height standard 87.56"H x 118"W x 36.5"D
Coyote Popup Step 1 Coyote Popup Step 2 Coyote Popup Step 3 Coyote Popup Step 4 Coyote Popup Step 5
Coyote 3x3 Popup Display
Coyote 2x3 Popup Display Coyote 4x3 Popup Display